Strategy and Planning

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Strategy and planning Implementation – it seems too laborious, so why bother.

Everyone knows what they are supposed to do and how to get it done, and if they don’t then they should not be in their position and likely not in the organization.

I hear this constantly. So everyone knows what they are supposed be doing and to get it done, are they, do you know, and if not why, and also if so why?

What are you doing to measure and manage execution and alignment? If everyone is supposed to know, instinctively, how? Implementation of strategy is not a once a year thing or opportunity. It is constant
and consistent. It is something that everyone, regardless of position, title, location, etc within the organization needs and must be aware of and involved with….period! When you have this synergy,
implementation is simple, as it should be.

If you and/or any of your organization is not getting their “jobs” done, then the question(s) need to be asked – why and what are you not doing and/or providing?

Creating a strategy and assigning tasks can be simple. What appears to get lost is if you are all understanding it – communication is simple and often lost. Maintaining the implementation,changing as
needed, asking questions, and accomplishing through measuring and managing is what is also lost. So simple question back to you is why are you having such an issue of implementing?

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