Strategic Execution Scorecard™ (SES™)

How well is your business deploying your company’s assets to the execution of your strategy? The Strategic Execution Scorecard™—a cloud based measurement system offering snapshots of results and actionable information—is an excellent leading indicator that:


  • Measures your expenses, allocation of people and operational time executing strategy
  • Simplifies your strategy management
  • Improves communication within your organization
  • Engages your workforce in executing your strategy



  • ses_inputPopulating the Scorecard from specifically ported company data
  • One page wizard with drop down menus
  • Easily populated with client business strategic information
  • Simplicity of data porting and continuous population
  • Aggregate individual and company real-time data



Real-time overview data for individual, group and company:ses_overview

  • % of Time by Strategy
  • % of time by Strategy organized by DGI
  • Full Time Employees (FTE) by Strategy
  • Labor Per Strategy
  • Labor Dollars per FTE by Strategy
  • Burden Dollars per Strategy
  • Average Priority by Strategy
  • Forecasted Revenue/Non-Salary Expense by Strategy
  • A view at Department, Individual, Company and/or Tree
  • The total % of time that is associated overall as a roll-up of the activities selected to the Top 3 to 5 Strategies and/or Non-Strategic



Specific Drill downs in real-time for individual, group and company – displays:

  • Functional Accountability where Activity resides
  • Activity Identified
  • % of Time associated to the Activity
  • Labor $’s associated to the Activity
  • Priority as designated and/or aggregated by either Department and/or Company
  • Locates and defines real-time business performance surrounding strategy – people, process and finance