Who we are

CNC Strategy Cloud Solutions brings your real-time proprietary product and service solutions, via the cloud, for you on-going strategy formulation, alignment and execution.

  • time and cost effective
  • continual process and not a project
  • metrics for measurement and management of all your resources – people, processes, finance

Your finances, people and operations are either aligned with your corporate objectives or they’re not. What do you do well? Where do you have potential risks and opportunities?

What we do

Our online toolset enables you to evaluate how well you are executing your strategy:

  • Strategic Alignment Questionnaire™ – Generating “snapshots” (simple, cost-effective information) about where your company is now
  • Strategy Execution Scorecard™ – Using real-time data to align the activities of your company (or department or individual) with your vision and strategy, measured by percent and dollars
  • On-Demand Consulting Services – Building on the results of our diagnostic methods to help you remove obstacles to success and turn your strategy into verifiable results

These tools diagnose and measure the alignment of your corporate assets (finances, people, operations) and generate actionable information for transforming strategy into execution.

How we are different

  • We partner with you to diagnose, align, and measure your business, using our proprietary tools, SAQ™ and SES™, to continuously deliver actionable results.
  • Our offerings can be stand-alone or bundled. You decide.
  • We work with you to add immediate value.

Strategy as a Solution