What is a Strategy Diagnostic?

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We are often asked about what the heck is a strategy diagnostic and
why do I care?

strategy diagnostics, strategy software

Well first it is important to define the what:
-  A diagnostic is about the combined information, resources and tools
used to effectively improve the overall business process and
performance - the strategies

-  A strategy is the overall scope and direction of your  business and
the way in which its various business operations work together to
achieve these particulars

-  A strategy diagnostic therefore is a set of tools that combine all
the resources of the company to assess, analyze and course correct as
needed, on the fly, and as needed

So since a strategy diagnostic is about a toolset for quickly
assessing and analyzing the business,then it stands to reason that if
you don't care, then you truly do not care about your companies
outcomes or results.  If you do care then, having a simple strategy
diagnostic that you can measure and manage real time business
performance, people (human capital), finances (expense and revenue),
processes (information flow) is most relevant.

You will continually hear us talk about the Harvard stat - 90% of
strategies fail due to poor execution.  This is particularly relevant
as EVERY business deals with this whether they admit it or not.

You cannot survive in today's business environment if don't know.  We
hope you already care, knowing and truly knowing is a whole other
venue.  Strategic Cloud Diagnostics give you a simple, immediate look
at your business as it is happening.  You involve the entire business
and you have the ability to course correct as it is happening, and not
30, 60, 90+ days after the fact.  Failure to execute on your
strategies is not an option, nor a static that you want to be
affiliated with!