FEAR Impedes Strategy Execution

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Years ago, I was offered the definition of the word FEAR by a friend and it resonated in my personal life.  As time went on, that definition of FEAR also became something I saw as a strategic commentary. Take a look at the definition in the contect of your leadership. describe the image

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real 

I submit that businesses who react to FEAR will not be able to execute on their strategy.  The common denominator is that FEAR is what  happens when you look at something through a lens that is not “clean”. Even tools like traditional balanced scorecards leave gaps in evidence. 

 Most CEOs would be flabbergasted if told they were acting in FEAR, but from a strategic standpoint their willingness to accept and make assumptions rather than test and validate is creating an environment where false evidence appears real.

Becoming strategically aligned means that all stakeholders are looking at the strategy in the same way.  They understand their initiaitives, the path to complete them, the resources needed and the structure that can make it happen. Many leaders are aligned with their team at the highest level but fail to consider the support systems necessary to implement and execute.  Instead they run on FEAR, assuming that if everyone agrees on the top line strategy, all will fall into place below. They look at false evidence and are lulled into complacency until after they are unsuccessful.

The CNC Strategic Execution Scorecard offers something unique.  Real time data is aggregated and leaders have the ability to see where their efforts, resources and time are going. Are they doing the right things in terms of their business strategy?   This allows for immediate course correction and can help alleviate surprises like those that happen when false evidence is relied upon.  Creating a SES provides immediate feedback with documented evidence from your own financials and the truth is quickly told. 

Today, staying ahead is imperative.  Time lost dealing with misperceptions, miscommunications and missed connections can jeapordize an entire company’s viability over time. Using tools that provided real time actionable information can be the differentiator for your business. Don’t FEAR, check out CNC Cloud Solutions for some help with evidence based real time information.  cta-button-1