Business Strategy; a healthcare analogy.

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 2nd check up

Many businesses look at their results after a failed strategy.  In my mind that is like using an autopsy to tell what was wrong with someone after they have died; rather than a comprehensive physical and diagnostic testing.  Keeping the business alive and viable is by far the direction that all want to take.  I suggest that like a healthy person (or one trying to be healthy!) it is critical that we look at all systems all the time to make sure they are running well.  The body, like your business, is a complex organism made up of various systems that are interdependant and unique.  Making sure that everything is functioning well and calibrated in terms of general health is a way to make sure you are headed towards strategy execution. 

 Most case studies, articles and general business intelligence seem to focus on what WENT wrong rather than prevention.  At CNC, we view real time analytics and cloud software as a way to see what COULD go wrong and mitigate problems before they become an issue.  Our Strategic Alignment Scorecard tells you what you are doing in the context of your business strategy and execution plan.  Imagine having a warning light go on if you have digressed from your strategy.  How helpful would it be to “see” where you are not acting on your stated initiatives, and, in fact, diverting resources towards other things that may or may not be in your strategy and business plan.  Our diagnostics are like a check up.  You get feedback instantly that can help you keep your business healthlty. Isn’t it time to schedule a check up? demobutton_cnc_version