The Problem with Strategy Consultants

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house of lies 101 0144 resized 600This is the way traditional strategy consulting works:


You hire an individual consultant (or a team of consultants) to help improve your organization’s top-line (or bottom-line), or perhaps to focus on a strategic initiative that will hopefully help the business grow over the next few years. The strategic consultants get to work on the issue and after a specified period of time, they come back to you with their solution – typically, in the form of a PowerPoint presentation or a white paper.


Sound good? If you look closer, you’ll see there are several issues generated by the strategic planning consulting process, chiefly as a huge drain on your organization’s resources:



Consultants and consulting firms don’t come cheap. And the more experienced and knowledgeable they claim to be, the higher their fees.


Meeting with your staff

Consultants gather and process information. That’s what they do. This typically involves spending time with your staff collecting the information they need. Plus, the time your staff takes to assist the consultant is time away from work they should be doing for your business.


Updates with executive team

The same time-issue can entangle your executive team. This includes time spent by consultants offering updates on their progress and, ultimately, the time your team must allocate for reviewing the presentation and recommendations. This distraction may cause your executive team to lose focus on other, more pressing challenges.



No matter how insightful or promising the final recommendations are, consultants aren’t the ones charged with implementing them. That part is up to you and your team. And this is precisely the area in which even the best-intended strategic plans and initiatives most often fail.


Coming up with presentations and recommendations is the relatively easy part. Execution is the most difficult process of all. By this time, the consultants you hired in the hopes of propelling your business into the future are either long-gone or hard at work on another aspect of the organization. (Remember, the consultant’s objective is to keep selling you more work.)


There’s a better way to approach strategy as a solution. New technology offers a collaborative, cost-effective cloud process so you know where your business is and how it’s performing in real-time. CNC Strategy’s on-demand approach assesses your organization’s strategic alignment and measures the deployment of your assets (finances, people and information) against your stated strategic goals.  


No more endless strategy consulting work. No more costly white papers. CNC Strategy’s online and on-site tools and services generate immediate results that transform your strategy into execution and move your organization to the next level. cta-button-1